SPORTS MASSAGE -  International Council of Health, Fitness & Sport Therapists
"Two and half years ago I found great difficulty in moving my arms  and shoulders and was diagnosed with impingement of the shoulders and now know this had been coming on over a number of months. After several appointments with a Physio he then suggested sports massage would be beneficial. My first one was in Switzerland and was extremely helpful. On my return home I tried  two different Masseuse  and they did not seem to relieve the tightness as in Switzerland then I found Josie and she has been superb. Originally I was going weekly and as I improved the time lapse was longer and now more than 2 years later I go 6 weekly and that helps to prevent any re-occurrence. If at any time I feel I need to see her earlier I am fitted in at the earliest opportunity.
I can not recommend her enough."

"Josie has been giving me excellent sports massages for eight years, always providing relief for a range of problems, enabling me to carry on with my slightly mad, hectic life.

 As a Chiropractor, I’ve found working with Josie incredibly beneficial for patients who have intense muscle tightness, as well as for myself. I can not recommend Josie highly enough."


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