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Based in Verwood, Dorset, since 2006

I’m so excited to be back to work and looking forward to seeing everyone again now that we are all slowly coming out of lockdown.

Hygiene has always been a high priority for us at Studio Rouge and we are doing all in our power to eliminate the chance of cross infection and keep our clients and therapists safe at this time. I myself have completed a certified infection control course. Obviously this means that we have had to implement more than a few changes to comply with government guidelines. Please go to the COVID-19 page for more details.

We also kindly ask that you don’t come in if:
  • You or anyone in your household or support bubble are showing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • You have been in contact with anyone who’s showing symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • You have been contacted by the NHS test and trace service.

I know this all may seem a little daunting at first as we adapt to our new normal. We’ve done all we can to maintain the relaxed and friendly environment that you are used to, but obviously things are going to be very different. Please be patient with us, as this is all new to us as well.

Looking forward to seeing you soon


Sports Massage has a fundamentally different approach from all other forms of massage. A far deeper massage it is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue, i.e. muscles, tendons and ligaments, often caused by repetitive, strenuous physical activity or trauma.
While other forms of massage therapy such as Swedish or Holistic, have some aims in common with Sports Massage - such as physical and mental relaxation, Sports Massage is specifically designed to help in sport or fitness activities.
The answer is anyone from a Saturday morning footballer to an Olympic athlete and everybody else in between. You don't have to participate in a sport to receive sports massage.
 As Sports Massage is more specific it can benefit anyone suffering from inhibited movement especially around the joints, e.g. frozen shoulder.
Some people just don't find a normal massage deep enough, in which case Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage is for them!
Sports Massage can help to:-
  • Stretch and relax muscles.
  • Identify tender areas before they develop into injuries.
  • Improve range of movement.
  • Free muscle adhesions (knots) and soften scar tissue after injury.
  • Restore suppleness.
  • Help to relieve muscle pain and spasm.
  • Promote healing after injury.
  • Speed recovery after exercise/exertion (relieves muscle fatigue).
  • Reduce muscle stiffness and soreness.
  • Relax body and mind.
  • Maintain body in optimal condition.
30 min Treatment - £31.00
60 min  Treatment - £46.00
75 min Treatment - £56.00

90 min Treatment - £66.00


Monday 9am - 8pm
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 9am - 12pm
Thurs - 9am - 8pm
Fri - 9am - 8pm


Gift Vouchers Available

I have two types of gift voucher available, the first, can be emailed to you. The second is a voucher that has been professionally printed and comes with a matching envelope, for which there is an additional fee for postage and packing. 

I will endeavour to email all vouchers out on the same day/ first business day after payment has cleared and all vouchers needing to be posted will be done so within 1- 2 business days and sent Royal mail second class.

* Any questions please feel free to contact me *

Printed Gift Voucher (includes matching envelope)
30 minute Massage Treatment
Price: £31.00
Printed Gift Voucher (includes matching envelope)
60 minute Massage Treatment
Price: £46.00
Printed Gift Voucher (includes matching envelope)
75 minute Massage Treatment
Price: £56.00
Printed Gift Voucher (includes matching envelope)
90 Minute Treatment
Price: £66.00
Email Gift Voucher
30 Minute Massage Treatment
Price: £31.00
Email Gift Voucher
60 Minute Massage Treatment
Price: £46.00
Email Gift Voucher
75 Minute Gift Voucher
Price: £56.00
Email Gift Voucher
90 Minute Gift Voucher
Price: £66.00


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